Lymphatic Massage & Acute Management

OVERVIEW Lymphatic drainage & Post operative care

All RMT training includes lymphatic drainage techniques, scar tissue reduction and pain managemen; but the therapists in this department additionally train to take these benefits to the next level. They enjoy the therapeutic aspects of massage that calm pain perception, and move swelling to where the body knows to expunge it.

Draining the head and face

Sinus congestion, post nasal drip, and vestibular troubles: These therapists address the cavities of the head and face, and have additionally trained to better understand and manage benign positional vertigo, post nasal drip and chronic sinusitis.

Control infammatory response

Joint immobility due to swelling, and head injury: Post concussion syndrome responds well to neck release and lymphatic drainage to encourage fluid to move from the head back into circulation. Enlarged joints and hematoma from sports injuries also heal more quickly in the hands of an experienced therapist. They control the inflammatory response through manipulating circulation.

Repair surgical scars

Planning surgery? Let us help you through the recovery. Cancer surgery, and cosmetic surgery leaves scar tissue and swelling. We help to minimize the surgical impact left on your body, and bring about the results you were looking for. These RMTs have advanced skills, and use a variety of modalities and treatment protocols to enhance scar tissue remodeling.

OUR TEAMMeet our compassionate experts

Introducing the elite team at Ashby House, each skilled in advanced lymphatic drainage, balance correction, and traumatic injury management.

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