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We offer a diverse range of massage therapy related treatments. Get into shape and feel better by addressing issues around pain, discomfort or quality of life. When you visit Ashby House Massage Therapy, you can expect a thorough assessment of your postural, functional, and kinetic characteristics.

neck massage therapy

General Wellness

Life’s tension can disrupt sleep, and interfere with restorative breath. Physical manifestations can include neck or low back discomfort, jaw dysfunction, and irritable bowel. Select from treatments that are designed to relieve life’s anxiety and to dissipate stress.

sports and work massage therapy

Activity, Sport & Work Related Injuries

Posture at work, or while engaging in activities, imposes strain potentially more damaging than traumatic events. Discover the subconscious habits of your body with treatments that restore balance and function, and return you to your sport, activity or work.

trauma treatment and therapy

Trauma (Sports injury, Accidental Falls or Collisions)

The body is a history text of everything that’s happened to it; in the blink of an eye, a life changing event writes itself into your body. Review our treatments, selected to provide timely intervention, and mitigate lasting damage.

perinatal treatment


Bring your child into this world with the unwavering support of a massage therapist / Doula. In our program you discuss birth goals, maximize relaxation through technical instruction, and create a memorable, and positive birth experience for both partners.

PricesAssessment. Strategy. Treatment.

These specialized treatments, in the hands of our registered massage therapists, deliver both health care, and the nourishment of therapeutic touch. Compassionate listening guides our treatments. Effective execution of these techniques require the heightened sensitivity that comes with professional practice, and lead to the resolution of these common complaints.

Treatment for Repetitive strain in athletes and at work

Strength insufficiency, or repetitive, specialized activities that are performed without stretch creates muscle imbalance.  Cumulative micro-damage ultimately causes repetitive strains.  Athletes, and those who spend long hours at work are the most susceptible.

Postural exactitude, and strength protects the body from mechanical stress and strain. Especially important to athletes, ideal posture enhances performance and efficiency while in motion.

We observe your movement patterns, and apply techniques to restore your muscle’s resting length, and your joint function. We also recommend re-training exercises for the best ongoing use of the muscle.

To enhance your athletic performance, or to increase your comfort while at work, book your appointment now.

30 minute treatment:$51.51
45 minute treatment:$72.11
60 minute treatment:$92.70
90 minute treatment:$133.90
120 minute treatment:$175.09

*prices include HST

Treatment for pain in the head, neck or lower back

Among the most compelling reasons to seek a massage therapist are neck or spinal discomfort: The cause is often muscular, and degenerative.

Spinal equanimity depends on symmetry, and space. Between the tip of the tail bone and the skull, adjacent vertebrae assemble into four coordinated curves.  Asymmetric muscle tension disrupts alignment; the spine adjusts along its length in an effort to restore balance, but often with less than ideal symmetry.  Complicated by a degenerating structure, the spine is made vulnerable to injury.

Massage therapy treats asymmetry in muscles and ligaments; we advocate corrective strengthening, with weight and stress management for spinal health.

If neck, low back or head pain limit you, book your appointment now.

30 minute treatment:$51.51
45 minute treatment:$72.11
60 minute treatment:$92.70
90 minute treatment:$133.90
120 minute treatment:$175.09

*prices include HST

Treatment for joint immobility and impingement syndromes

Sustained positions at work cause microscopic tearing, which is eventually replaced by restrictive scar tissue.  Subsequent nerve and joint irritations become conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet, or frozen shoulder.

Massage therapists identify compromised joints and nerves, and break down prohibitive adhesions.

Treatment usually includes suggestions for core body training, and ergonomic set-ups to minimize further micro damage.

Early signs include stiff shoulders when reaching behind your back, or when lifting an item above shoulder height, and /or faint numbness or tingling down your arm.

If you think you may need help, book your appointment now.

30 minute treatment:$51.51
45 minute treatment:$72.11
60 minute treatment:$92.70
90 minute treatment:$133.90
120 minute treatment:$175.09

*prices include HST

Treatment for Acute Trauma

The body’s sole response to injury is the “inflammatory response”:  Diffuse pain and swelling in the acute stage, with limited mobility and function, are eventually replaced by scar tissue.  At this point the injury may become chronic.

Improvement from an acute injury is dramatic and lasting if treatment begins immediately.

Massage therapists manage acute stage trauma with two critical tools: hydrotherapy, and movement recovery.  In week one we deliver effective use of hot and cold applications, and show you movements to minimize swelling in tissues and joint spaces, and to decrease pain.   By the second and third weeks hands-on massage therapy minimizes and directs scar tissue formation.

Avoid scar tissue, and chronic symptoms such as apprehension, posture, and antalgic movement patterns; seek qualified help immediately. Book your appointment now.

30 minute treatment:$51.51
45 minute treatment:$72.11
60 minute treatment:$92.70
90 minute treatment:$133.90
120 minute treatment:$175.09

*prices include HST

Postural profile, movement patterns, strength assessments; Remedial Exercise Prescription

Like hair or eye colour, posture identifies us.  The body’s fascial system reflects, and eventually perpetuates postural habits.

Fascia provides structure, and organization in the body; surrounding all organs and muscles, it holds them together as a unit, and separates them into parts. Fascia adjusts length and shape slowly over time.

Our trained eyes read subconscious postural patterns.  How you move through critical ranges of motion reveals past injury and adaptations, and guides us to effective treatments and corrections.

What is your body telling us?  We instruct you in how to stretch the critical fascial system, and how to strengthen key core body muscles.  Discover your personal profile, and begin strengthening today.

45 minute injury assessment$72.11
90 minute Postural and Motion Profile Development, with exercise recommendations:$133.90

*prices include HST

Perinatal Massage Therapy / Doula

A massage therapist helps you transition through the rapid changes of pregnancy, and through the “fourth trimester”:  Reducing physical discomfort, (including insomnia), benefiting an expectant mother’s blood pressure (through relaxation), promoting activity, and connection with the baby, accelerating post-partum healing, and breaking down scar tissue following a C-section.  Also stimulating beneficial hormones, massage therapy promotes the release of both oxytocin, (the let-down reflex for breast feeding), and endorphins, (the body’s pain killers, and mood elevators) — hormones which help new mothers through fatigue, exhaustion and post-partum depression.

Doulas use coaching, and hands on techniques to ease anxiety and pain.  In any birth setting, Doulas provide un-biased support for the parents, and advocate for you with surrounding health professionals, so you can focus on the immediate task.  Bringing a child into this world is one of the most powerful things a woman can do.  Your RMT/Doula encourages the partner’s presence, and confidence in their ability to help.

Not sure about having a doula at your birth? We will teach your partner various techniques with our two hour “Doula Daddy crash course”. Book your appointment now.

Prenatal massage:$92.70
Education session (2 hours):$130.00
After birth visit:$82.40
Closing of the bones:$20.60
Doula Daddy crash course (2 hours):$226.00
All-inclusive birth package:

  • 3 Prenatal massages
  • Education Session
  • Birth
  • After birth visit & closing of the bones
  • Email and telephone support during final trimester and one month post birth
$904.00 ($1130.00 value)

*prices include HST

Hot Stone Massage

A beautiful, grounding massage treatment, places hot stones on the body, and incorporates Swedish massage techniques. Heat reduces muscle tension and also allows the areas to further melt and let go. The weight of the stones is incredibly soothing; pain and anxiety abate, which increases relaxation. This treatment promotes deep sleep, improves immune function and brings lasting well-being.

Book your appointment now.

90 minute treatment:$175.09

*prices include HST

Swedish Deep Tissue Massage for Relaxation

While important to any massage therapy treatment, relaxation is sometimes the primary treatment objective.

A registered massage therapist applies strategy, and technical expertise to the art of relaxation:  Specialized techniques trigger the parasympathetic nervous system to stimulate natural healing mechanisms.  Massage principles employing blood flow, a knowledge of superficial and deep tissues, and local circulation deliver outstanding results.

Our clinicians employ a variety of other techniques such as hydrotherapy, and breathing practices to direct your thoughts inward and to help release the physical manifestations of distress.  Our setting is conducive to peace and relaxation.

If you crave relaxation, book your appointment now.

30 minute treatment:$51.51
45 minute treatment:$72.11
60 minute treatment:$92.70
90 minute treatment:$133.90
120 minute treatment:$175.09

*prices include HST

TherapistsMeet our team of registered massage therapists

Interested in joining Ashby House as a Massage Therapist? If you enjoy the downtown lifestyle and working in a professional and dedicated environment, then this could be the place for you. Send your resume to and we’ll get back to you.

College of Massage Therapists of Ontario
Registered Massage Therapists' Association of Ontario

Maggy AshbyRegistered Massage Therapist

Maggy began her foundation in science by earning a biology degree from Queen’s University. A desire to help others led her to further studies at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy. She refined her massage skills on a broad range of conditions, while working with a multidisciplinary team.

Committed to ongoing learning to bring the best to her clients, Maggy has studied the fascial systems of the body. She now uses a variety of advanced myo-fascial, joint mobilization, and hydrotherapy techniques to restore health to the body’s tissues and systems. Maggy advocates movement, stretching, and strength. She achieves predicted results with a personalized assessment, and targeted exercises.

In 2008 Maggy opened her own dedicated massage therapy clinic. She founded a new location in 2017, to facilitate a broader therapeutic experience, and to result in an amplified health impact that persists long after the massage.

Kaylee CummingRegistered Massage Therapist

Kaylee Cumming registered with the CMTO in 2006.  She combines the benefits of deep tissue work with relaxation techniques to achieve the best results.  Kaylee enjoys the detective work to solve “why” clients experience pain. Her treatments usually involve stretches and exercises to reduce pain, improve posture and to prevent future injuries. Courses in low back pain/dysfunction, and in fascial restructuring techniques make Kaylee confident in getting the results her clients are looking for!

Kaylee is passionate about helping moms to be: She recently took a course for RMT as a labour support/doula and is excited to be a part of this miraculous event for families.

Kaylee enjoys a healthy lifestyle involving weight training, running and yoga. She considers herself a bit of a foodie and finds any excuse to make an event, or to get her friends together. She also enjoys relaxing outdoors, camping/cottaging and acting like a kid with her step kids.

FeaturesOur features are what makes Ashby House unique

To impel a positive experience that persists long after the massage, these features make us competitive, facilitate your use of our services, and will nourish both your wellbeing, and our shared environment. Browse the homey, yet professional atmosphere that awaits you.



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Customized Care

Local Products

Downtown Location


A tranquil interior, in a cozy house, on a quiet street, in the heart of downtown set the backdrop for renewal, and bring exclusivity to your escape. Our objective is to maximize a wellness immersive environment.


Experienced therapists streamline best practices drawn from many practice settings. We are fully informed of, and comply with the guidelines and statutes of our profession. At dedicated professional development days, we ensure accountability to outcomes, and exchange effective treatment practices.

Blue Cross Direct Billing & Online Booking

Our online booking system facilitates managing your own appointments; make an appointment at your convenience, re-schedule, or cancel on-line up to 48 hours in advance. Also, we bill Blue Cross so you don’t have to; Veterans, RCMP, and others, whose insurance provider is Blue Cross may enjoy this expedience.

Customized Care

We provide customized massage treatments: Our ambition is to meet your specific needs, within our scope of practice. An Interview, a treatment tailored to meet stated goals, and follow up, ensures you a thoughtful, high quality experience every time you book.

Local Products

For individual wellness, a robust community, and healthy environment, we seek products that are manufactured within 100 kilometers of Ottawa, that reduce packaging, and waste, and that encourage endangered species. Our muscle rehabilitation products provide you with options to prolong the results of your health care treatments.

Downtown Location

Our core location, and broad operating hours make massage treatment accessible to those who live and work downtown. Ashby House will soon bring “destination spa” to the city centre: A more immersive wellness experience for the vacation limited, your “customized wellness escape” takes place over six days, right in the heart of the city.

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Wellness starts with an attitude. As guides on that path, here’s what holds our interest lately, and keeps us motivated!  Enjoy your read, and get to know us as we break trail on the path to wellbeing.

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A broad selection of morning, afternoon, evening and weekend appointments are available. For more information, or to book an appointment please call.You can also book your appointment(s) online, following the simple instructions below.