Mastering Therapeutic Massage

Discover the difference a specialist makes. We have encouraged our team to dive deep into their interest within the practice of massage therapy. Experience the outcome; browse our departments, which highlight different aspects of therapeutic massage.

DEPARTMENTSSpecialized treatments

Massage therapy tailored to your needs: Choose the department that best fits your current condition.

Massage Therapy — deep tissue relaxation

Tension can disrupt sleep, and interfere with restorative breath. Physical manifestations include neck or low back discomfort, jaw dysfunction, and irritable bowel. Select from treatments that are designed to relieve life’s anxiety and to dissipate stress.


Bring your child into this world with the unwavering support of a massage therapist / Doula. In our program you discuss birth goals, maximize relaxation through technical instruction, and create a memorable, and positive birth experience for both partners.

Active Therapy

Posture at work, or while engaging in activities, imposes strain potentially more damaging than traumatic events. Discover the subconscious habits of your body with treatments that restore balance and function, and return you to your sport, activity or work.

Acute Management, & Lymphatic Massage

Your body is a history textbook of everything that has happened to it.  In the blink of an eye, a life changing event can write itself in that text. Review our treatments, which are selected to provide timely intervention, and to mitigate lasting damage.

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