Finding Zen in the Deep Core; an innovative exercise class

As I study respiration, I marvel at its’ complexity and extent.  Respiration consists of ventilation, and circulation.  The diaphragm, part of the breathing apparatus, also participates in what is known as the “Deep Core”: Underpinning core body strength, the deep core affords us tissue longevity, optimizes posture, and protects our back. (more…)

Baby Steps to a Doula

Ever since I can remember I have been interested in pregnancy and childbirth. Perhaps it was family and friends going through it that sparked my interest or just my passion for anatomy and biology that made it so interesting to me. I would often notice that I would be extra enthused to see a prenatal massage booked into my schedule. (more…)

Ashby House Wellness Immersion—take a judicious “time out”

Some of us have experienced a transformative few days when we stepped back from life, to return with a new perspective.  A judicious “time out”, expropriated from our responsibilities, can be worth more than six months off.  I am preparing an affordable, easily accessible destination, which is dedicated to customized renewal.  Today, we are solely a massage therapy centre; but in a year and a bit, this is what I have in mind for Ashby House:

Stay for six nights.  Select eight therapies in combinations that suit you.  In the heart of downtown Ottawa, we provide guided, or solo excursions:  Nature is only 10 minutes away, in the Gatineau National Capital Park (for example), as is the world class Le Nordik. (more…)