By Daniela Adamantino, RMT

Headaches are characterized by a constant dull or sharp pain in the head and face area that can last for hours or days. They could be caused by muscular imbalances, hormones, or the constriction of blood vessels or nerves, just to name a few. 8.3% of Canadians experience some form of headache every day, and I happen to fall into this percentage of people. Let’s talk about the 5 most common types of headaches.

  1. Tension headache: mild to moderate pain level, pain in a headband pattern around head and temples, lasts hours, intermittent.
  2. Migraine headache: moderate to severe pain level, pain pattern temples and behind the eyes, can be with or without visual auras, lasts hours to days
  3. Cluster headache: moderate pain level, pain clusters around eyes and temple, happens at the same time of the day every episode, lasts hours
  4. Sinus headache: mild pain level, pain pattern around the cheekbone, nose, forehead, lasts hours although can turn into tension/migraine headache
  5. Myofascial/cervicogenic headache: moderate pain level, pain pattern through the side of face and head, lasts hours


3/5 of these headache types can be caused by muscle tension, sudden neck movements, or fluid buildup within the head and neck. Next month, let’s talk about how posture and massage therapy can play a role in headaches.

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