By Kaylee Cumming, RMT

Ever since I can remember I have been interested in pregnancy and childbirth. Perhaps it was family and friends going through it that sparked my interest or just my passion for anatomy and biology that made it so interesting to me. I would often notice that I would be extra enthused to see a prenatal massage booked into my schedule.

When Maggy and I moved our business to Maclaren she encouraged me to take some extra courses on something different, something I was excited about. Naturally I knew exactly the direction to take.

Now that I am an RMT Doula I am so ready to share my knowledge with others. I have learned about so many different aspects of childbirth and am constantly reading and trying to absorb even more information. I want to help families have a beautiful birth experience and to look back on it and realize how in control they were of how they felt. And that it wasn’t something that just “happened” to them. When did the act of giving birth become so scary and terrifying? I believe that it the most powerful thing a woman can do in her lifetime, lets focus on that!

As an RMT I already feel very comfortable offering care and support to clients in discomfort and pain, it seems like such a natural transition to offer therapeutic touch, care and support on my clients most incredible days of their lives!

Pregnancy is pretty incredible, the body is going through rapid changes hormonally, physically and posture completely shifts to support the growing baby and prepare for birth. Massage is one of the greatest tools a mama can utilize. I use these prenatal massage appointments as an opportunity to relieve pain, ease postural imbalances and connect with my client. We discuss birth plans, logistics, goals, relaxation and breathing techniques and post-natal plans. I feel very privileged as an RMT Doula since I can act as an extra support person, a cheerleader if you will, or we could go as far to say secret weapon! With myself supporting the labouring mother that really frees up the partner to relax and enjoy the exciting process and really be there to offer the loving support that only a partner can provide. Doulas also really like to involve the partner in many different positions, to physically support her and even apply pressure during contractions.

Post birth the journey continues, many health care professionals use the term fourth trimester. There is still a fair amount of pain and soreness due to the body readjusting, hormonal changes, exhaustion, and lack of deep sleep, all this can bring about emotional issues in conjunction with the MASSIVE adjustment to having a newborn at home. Once again massage can help in so many of these areas. Plus any doula would be ecstatic to get to see that little baby again and check in.

Does any of this seem of interest to you? Are you expecting or know someone that would benefit from the extra support an RMT Doula can offer. I’d love to discuss the possibility of working with you and your family.

I’m also offering an infant massage course this June. This is a great opportunity to meet other parents and kiddos and learn some skills to encourage sleep, relieve colic soothe and bond with your baby!

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